38 confused typography. The safest course is to block the texts into shapes analagous to and harmonious with the more dominant blocks of the illustrations. Natu rally, there are exceptions, but they occur only when contrast can he achieved without making the whole composition too tricky and the typographic mass too difficult to read. Layout Classification ThreeIn all-type layouts, the fourth dimension exerts its most comprehensive influ ence because in these advertisements, the typography is the layout. The majority of all-type layouts are cut-and-dried affairs, exhibiting small attempt at inge nuity. An all-type layout can he designed so that it is not a mere paneling of obvious text blocks; it can he planned to express movement, to capitalize inter esting, eye-catching contrasts of divisional elements. Headlines, too, can he so treated that initials or special words have a provocative, illustrative effect, minimiz ing the loss of attention value caused by the absence of an illustration. lost for Layout BalanceOn a rough tracing of your contemplated layout, indicate the shape of the dlustration by a dark pencil tone. Use a lighter pencil tone to represent the typographic mass, and similar tone-units for the headline, signature and other ele ments. The more important the element, the darker the tone, all white space left as is. Now examine the general layout. Do the hlocked-in elements balance, do they harmonize in shape, in value? Is there a mov- mg pattern to the arrangement, rhythm, cohesiveness? In Conclusion While the first three dimensions concern themselves with the appearance of type (size, style, weight), its appropriateness and legibility, the fourth dimension of modern typography interprets the layout-function of the typographic mass and governs its influence, as in integral unit, on the final composition. Many Mortmano «footers can offer you at fhi» time of the year attractive price reductions on discontinued Hartmonn models and sixes See them. \Y7"n,,':R ,t N 3 or week-end in Bermuda by all W means take alone .1 trunk Traveling's infinitely pieasantcr that way. less effort involved and often it's more econortt- odds and ends of hand luggage «The Hartmann 1 above incidentally the best-looking thing in 'ding convenience. Ruggedly built to weather - a whole cruise wardrobe or. morekeeps it safe, shipshape, wrinkle-free. Right at your finger tipsready to put on Finished in sturdy, natural Irish I.men with Club Striping for easier identification, you'll find it available m a variety of sizes and models at most good luggage shops and department stores. fun HER it's a Wor means take along a It is less bother—there': teal than hauling about Wardrobe trunk pictured yearsis a marvel of t r almost any abuse, it take

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