CIGAR BOX€S FROM GCRMANY WUü~BThS'm\ BERENICE 11 matra] By J. A. HEALEY 43 The lush lady with a rose in her teeth and the gentle man. 'prince-alberted' in costume, and Napoleonic in posture, who used to guide the masculine eye via the labels of cigar boxes to the selection of a favorite cigar, have gone the way of the mustache cup. (agar boxes today are carefully and artistically designed according to modern trends, as the accompanying illustrations show. These designs, the work of Professor Czeschka, for the boxes of L. Wolff, cigar manufacturer of Hamburg, Germany, are included in the collection of more than 400 cigar and cigarette packaging designs selected by George Switzer, New York designer, for the Interna tional Packaging Exhibit now on view in his studio at 210 Madison Avenue. The designer, who in Germany is retained on much the same basis as legal counsel in this country, has made the L. Wolff cigar boxes the finest in the world. Each box has three labels, a decorative or pictorial design for the top of the box, a trade-mark label for the inside of the lid and the small but legible label for identification on the end of the box. The good taste, invigorating color harmony and charm of design of these boxes have won the attention of German smokers and the approval of their wives. And what is more, these designs have not cost more to produce than our boxes in America.

Advertising Arts en | 1932 | | page 59