onsider Drug Products A FEW brush strokes... a hurried pencil sketch...six brief words jotted on the margin of a layout. To us, whose business is the translation of ideas into sales-produc ing photographs, these fragments tell a story. Which of our photographers shall interpret it? Our first step is to assign your pictorial problem to the man best suited to express its dominating idea, for each member of our staff has found his stronghold in some well- defined phase of his art. One is most adept at capturing the living realism of people eating or sleeping or working or playing. The next excels at still-life compositions of silks and things of a feminine nature. Another works wonders with packaged merchandise. Still another has won his laurels with out-door photography. Many and varied are the subjects we've photographed for Advertisers and Agencies. We've "shot" roaring locomotives...and crowded night clubs...and tiny, costly watches on slender, shapely arms. We've...but con sider Drug Products, for instanceeveryday things of everyday life.

Advertising Arts en | 1932 | | page 6