MOD€RN DISPLAYS THAT DRAMATIZ€ TH€ PRODUCT 'Stop, look, remember!" is the message of these ingenious and colorful displays by Kay of Austria, Inc. Come in here it is buy it!' is their next sugges tion. Here is moving sculpture to match the moving O pictures; enamels that gleam in strong colors or natural woods that look expensive. Here is a forceful presenta tion for rugs or bread, perfume or light bulbs, travel or dress patterns. Each of these displays in one way or another calls particular attention to the merchandise and dramatizes some appeal of the product. They are new, modern, and striking. But at the same time they are fitted to the general liveliness of the American tempo with- 46 out offending that part of the American market which objects rather strongly to ultra-modern European art. Kay of Austria do their designing in America and have the displays executed in Europe. This, doubt less, is the reason that they have been able to avoid the psychological difficulties which so often render a transplanting of European publicity methods useless to American industry. 1 he query is often raised, Why does America not profit more from the experiments and techniques devel oped in Europe?" The answer is that usually such tech niques are brought over lock, stock, and barrel and put before the American public without any modification

Advertising Arts en | 1932 | | page 62