COLOR z z O a. m O O wn 2 z z cc DIRECT-MAIL ILLUSTRATED LETTERS U UJ LU »- O u LU LU O O BRIGHT COVERS POST-CARDS PACKAGES SAMPLES Do you wont a wider range of brilliant-colored papers for your advertising and packages? The widest range of specialties offered in this country is included among Miami Valley Papers. For broadsides, inserts and enclosures, Brilliantone Enamel offers eight striking colors that make possible a multiple-color effect with one time through the press. Or, Miami Duplex Enamel offers ten combinations of rich duplex colors (separate colors, front and back), including black and white. For four-page illustrated letters Double Service Bond one side coated, the other side an excellent letter-head bond. The coated side comes in six varied colors and takes a fine-screen half-tone. For a tough, rugged cover stock Duralite Duplex the toughest known coated paper stock offers eight bright colors white on one side, color on the otherand takes the deepest kind of embossing, cuts out clean, and prints beautifully. For post-cards, two color effects can be had with one impression on Duplex Postcard one side coated in color, the other side uncoated and white. Or, Double Tone Postcard coated in color on one side, the reverse side coated in white ideal for direct-mail, novelties, and other advertising pieces. For packages, there is a special line of colored enamel sheets which offer surprising possibilities for color work. Samples of any or all the papers described will gladly be sent you. Write direct to the mill or to our representatives in any principal city. NOTE: This entire issue of Advertising Arts, except cover and inserts, was printed on Miami Rayon Enamel.

Advertising Arts en | 1932 | | page 67