for Instance... Pagan o SEND FOR THE BROCHURE It is here that camera craftsmanship receives its strictest test, for advertising photography has long ceased to be a simple matter of mak ing faithful likenesses of bottles and boxes. Photographs that arouse graphs that sell baby talcum or shaving cream or any of a thousand things bought at the corner druggist's...such photographs attest to the fresh, vital, dramatic interest that the camera imparts to...shall we say, hum-drum products If photography most forcefully conveys the appeal of your product, you'll do well, we think, to let us produce your next pic torial requirement. The selling price of every Pagano photograph is based upon production costs; quotations, there fore, are always approximate. Our clients have expressed approval of this mutually fair method of charging for our work. "Photographs for cAdvertising" The PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIOS of INCORPORATED 360 WEST THIRTY-FIRST STREET NEW YORK THIS PAGE, printed on news-stock, demonstrates the effective reproduction of Pagano photographs created ex pressly for coarse-screen printing. containing illustrations produced by members of our staff. While we do not sell stock picturest we believe these examples of our work will interest every buyer of advertising photography. The Brochure is gratis, of course.

Advertising Arts en | 1932 | | page 7