BOUND VOLUMES ADVERTISING ARTS 9 EAST 38 ST., NEW YORK 76 2 Paper Tubes Make Striking Displays CLEVELAND CONTAINER CO. 10331 Berea Ré., Cleveland, 0. We have just published a limited number of bound volumes of Advertising Arts for 1931. Also there remain a few 1930 volumes. The covers for both are decorated in a manner thoroughly in keeping with the magazine. Both books should be in your personal file. If you would like to have either of these, you should send in your order at once the supply is limited. Price for the 1931 volume (six issues), $7.50; for the 1930 volume (four issues), $5.00. 52 y 11 PHOTOGRAPHED FOR R. H. MACY <ft CO., BY WORSINGER, NEW YORK The photograph shows how R. H. Macy Co. uses Cleveland Paper Tubes, I6V2" in diameter, to make modern and distinctive displays. Among others using these tubes to display a wide variety of products are lithographers, display artists, advertis- ing agencies, as well as department stores. Cleveland Paper Tubes are inexpensive and may be had in any length, any color, and in sizes ranging from Vs" to I6V2 inside diameter. The heat- resisting glue used in making these tubes holds them always in shape and assures the strength of fibre at one-third the cost. We will be glad to send you instruc- C ft icaqo... Detroit l-l - L 1r> 1 tions how to make attractive paper- tube displays for your product. There is no obligation. Write today. Note: We also manufacture tube con tainers for cereals, cocoa, cheese and other foods; powders, chemicals,clean ers, cosmetics, etc. (can be airproofed with cellophane); blocks for ribbons and tinsels, and tubes for mailing.

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