1 HIGGINS' INDEX (if b.-S; (Colored ADVERTISING ARTS des i g n e r E B ASTER IN R U S S E L S OF ADVERTISEMENTS SAMAURER STtJtie For nour file of CONTEMPORARY RESIGN THE AMERICAN PRINTER 54 r ERE in the Brussels Grand Place, beautiful sixteenth century guild houses, richly ornamented, look down upon the flower market brilliant with Springtime color, and the huge umbrellas of the quaint old ladies who continue trade traditions which have existed for five centuries. A reproduction of this subject executed in Higgins' Colored Draw ing Inks will gladly be mailed upon your request. You can best capture such Springtime brilliancy and beauty with Higgins' Colored Drawing Inks. And whenever you seek the more traditional and conservative, Higgins' Water proof and General Black Drawing Inks are available in their usual high quality and uniformity. Your regular art materials dealer can supply you CHAS. M. HIGGINS CO., INC. 271 Ninth Street, Brooklyn, New York MARCH1932 American Type Founders Company 5 Bartlett-Aldus PressBack Cover Cantine Co., Martin 53 Cleveland Container Co.52 Einson-Freeman Co., Inc. 6 Gotham Photo-Engraving Co., Inc. 8 Higgins Co., Inc., Charles M54 Industrial Design, Inc2 International Paper Co. Insert Between 8-9 Kimberly-Clark Corp. 55 Linweave Association Inside Front Cover McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., Inc. Insert Between 8-9 Maurer, S. A.54 Mergenthaler Linotype Co. I Miami Valley Coated Paper Co49 Pagano, Inc. .4 and Insert Facing Page 4 Riegel Paper Corp. Insert Between 10 and Frontispiece Shaw, Keith Inside Back Cover Sterling Engraving Co3 Switzer, George9 Szoeke, Andrew 56 Ticonderoga Pulp Paper Co. Insert Between 4-5 Vi ilbar Photo Engraving Co., Inc., Insert Facing Page 5 Williams, IT. I.50-51 grand central palace N EW YCRR TEL-WICICERSMAM 2-7359 Shown every month in The American Printer "Gallery of Distinguished Printing" are representa tive examples of some of the best contemporary book and advertising printing produced in this country and abroad A personal subscription to The American Printer will enable you to main tain a permanent and timely file of outstanding work in this field Subscription rates, United States, $3 (two years $5); foreign countries, $1 extra yearly; Canada, $3.75 yearly including duty .Vie suggest you send your subscription now and begin your file with the next issue. 9 East 38th Street, New York

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