NEW! MODERN! COLORFUL! BILLOWRAPS dress up famous products THE NEW COLORED DISPLAY MATERIAL 55 j Photograph by Adams Studin, New York City, by courtesy of Advertising Arts Magazine. This is the BILLOWRAP (patent applied for). The only corrugated wrapper with flexible flaps tor end tucking, con sisting of extensions of facing of corrugating element. Made any size, practically any color desired, to harmonize with color of product or label. See BILLOWPAK at the Packaging, Packing and Shipping Exposition, Booth 213 March 7-12, Palmer House, Chicago. BILLOWPAK (as a plain liner, or in the form of BILLOW RAP) embellishes your product with color harmony, or contrast, as you prefer, while giving it the protection afforded by the purely utilitarian forms of packaging materials. Yet its cost is surprisingly small. The BILLOWRAP at the left is a miniature of the actual size used by Pinaud, illustrated in the photograph above from Advertising Arts, who say editorially: "Retaining their traditional bottles, Eau de Quinine and Lilac Vegetal have been considerably bright ened and modernized by means of a new wrapper. Instead of the usual cardboard box, a bright green BILLOWRAP and decorative wrapping tape now enclose the bottles. With better dressed merchan dise becoming an increasingly important sales factor, we shall probably hear more of this idea of dressing up the wrapper." Make it a point to mail the coupon for samples and complete information on BILLOWPAK right now. If interested in BILLOWRAPS, ad vise size required, and we will furnish samples and quotations. BILLOWPAK in white or in bright colors, can be furnished die-cut and scored, with various types of backing. REG. US. PAT. OFF. AND FOREIGN COUNTRIES AAAAAiVWWWWWWWV/V iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniii! KIMBERLY-CLARK CORP., Mfrs., Neenah,Wis. Address nearest sales office at: 8 S Michigan Ave., Chicago 122 E. 42nd St., New York City Send samples of Billowpak; colors Company Attention of Address.

Advertising Arts en | 1932 | | page 73