8 I JLU Ul<C* TECHNIQUE technique T 1 A NEW AID FOR THE ART DIRECTOR "Tl H 4TW~& W <f> JsaL. Haw' 1st - KgL J mi -, 821-8 MM 810-B 829-B 801-8 820-A Sur 809-B 803.A t e clvivi .que 824-A Here you t>ee the new Wil- bar Technique employed for Headline use. To use the W.T. for this purpose takes no real extra time and costs little more than would a straight line cut. The pat terns employed here can be reduced or enlarged in size, and can be made lighter or darker in tone value. The illustrations on the two preceding pages were en graved by the Wilbar Photo Engraving Co., Inc., who, for the past ten years have contributed to the develop ment of Photo - Engraving in Color Process, Halftone and Line, and in Ben Day and Watercolor plate making. Now the spirit of the copy and layout can be carried a step further in the treat ment of the Headline. The Wilbar Technique brings this new aid to advertising. A thousand and one Headline and Trade Mark effects are possible with this new technique. The row of lettered "Techniques" above show a few of its possibilities. To serve you as a guide we have prepared a chart illustrating various types of headlines with the Wilbar Technique applied in various ways. You will find this chart a life-saver for many a good headline. May we send you a copy? Wilbar Photo Engraving Co., Inc., 333 West Fifty-Second Street, New York City MEMBER PHOTO ENGRAVERS BOARD OF TRADE OF NEW YORK, INC

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