Stymie types the Complete Cfamihj of ^Modern (Publicity C-i/pes INLINE AMERICAN TYPE FOUNDERS COMPANY Stymie Light Stymie Medium Stymie Bold Italic p ITYMIE TYPES, latest and most interesting of Publicity Faces, possess unusual distinction, dignity, charm and readability. They are especially well adapted to the purposes of modern newspaper and magazine display advertising. Stymie Types range in size from the smallest practical type to the largest ever cast in type molds. Other features which distinguish them are attrac tively accentuated ascenders and descenders for sizes from 18 point up in each of the three roman series. They add interest to the typography. Stymie Types can be used very attractively and effectively in composition for commercial printing. The larger sizes, which save much of the time and expense of hand lettering and engraving, are sold by the running inch as well as by the font. Stymie Types include a Light and a Medium, each in nine teen sizes, and a Bold in eighteen sizes, with Italics up to 72 point for all three faces. In addition there are Stymie Inline Title, in sizes from 24 point to 120 point, Stymie Compressed, Stymie Stylus and Stymie Intaglio Figures. Stymie Types form the most comprehensive type family re cently introduced by the American Type Founders Company, leader for forty years in the production of superior printing types in the world's largest and best equipped type foundry. Stymie Light Italic Stymie Medium Italic d 5 Stymie Stylus and Stymie Compressed are too large to be shown here SPECIMENS OF STYMIE TYPES AND RALEIGH CURSIVE USED ON THIS PAGE WILL GLADLY BE SENT TO ADVERTISERS WHO ADDRESS OUR NEAREST SELLING HOUSE Selling Houses in following cities: New York Chicago Boston Philadelphia Richmond Baltimore Buffalo Pittsburgh Cleveland Cincinnati Washington Detroit Atlanta St. Louis Milwaukee Minneapolis Kansas City Omaha Denver Portland San Francisco Vancouver, B. C. Seattle Dallas Los Angeles See telephone book for street address

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