The BLACK by BINDER The WIKia^PH by Continental T^efaundets Association, Inc. Expensive hand leitering? Certainly noi—ihe Signal is a new script type, designed for display lines. Three weights are available, Light, Medium and Black, in all sizes. You can match the color of your text matter or present an arresting contrast. Signal is the most useful new tool available today to the art director and typographic designer. 228 EAST 45TH STREET, NEW YORK CITY Send for de luxe specimen showing of ihe non-kerning Signal in Light, Medium and Black weights. 37 w PC O H U W X H X O H PC CU PC w PU PU STRATHMORE This graphic design by Joseph Binder is a splendid illustration of the Sirathmore axiom, "Paper is part of the picture." For in it the Strathmore surface texture has been employed as an integral unit of the design. Strathmore Artist Papers (100% Rag) and Illustration Boards are the popular favorites of prominent artists throughout the world. Each has a superb surface, technically perfect for the medium for which it is intended. A free sample book of Strathmore Artist Papers (100% Rag) and Illustration Boards will be sent you on request. STRATHMORE PAPER CO., WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASS., Dept. A-ll Signal

Advertising Arts en | 1934 | | page 67