A TRA DEMARK WITH MULTIPLE USE As manufacturers of clothes for men, with national sales distribution, the Keller Heumann Thompson Company of Rochester, N. Y., cast about for some years seeking a brand name to supplant the rather long and awkward firm name. Finally we hit on the name of Timely Clothes a concise name, easy to spell, read, pronounce and remember. The next step was to develop an appropriate trade mark design something powerful, simple, dramatic and expressive. Instead of reaching back into medieval Europe or probing the twentieth century for inspiration, Walter DorwinTeague, the designer, turned to the early Amer ican scene for a symbol. The idea of the Town Crier was evolved The Town Crier seemed timely, typically American, picturesque, and at once old enough to be changeless, yet young enough to be new and different. Mr. Teague was faced with the problem of design ing the trade mark so that it would have to lend itself to a vast and varied field of reproductionadaptable for (1) printing and engraving on all kinds of paper stock from fine bond paper to rough news print; (2) size that would range from a quarter-inch figure on our business cards up to thirty-inch enlargements for win dow displays; (3) black and white, full color and re- Photographs by Adams Studio

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