vl Cï - verse treatments; (4) animation for moving window displays; (5) electric signs; (6) weaving on silk labels; (7) sculptured relief, wood and metal cut-outs, and a host of other means of reproduction. The original foundation of the design was an air brush rendering from which five others were devel oped: a line drawing; a line drawing with filled-in background; a poster type silhouette; the same sil houette with line details; a line drawing with accen tuated outline. By having six variations of the same theme, with each variation adaptable in one or more ways, we have been able to effect a fitting, forcible continuity and identity with the Town Crier trade mark in newspaper advertisements from six-column width to a single-column spot; in animated displays six feet high, in which the Crier's arm moves back and forth, ringing the bell, down to small counter cards, both cut-out and single section; in large dealer advertising portfolios; in heavy relief in plaques four feet in diam eter down to one-sixteenth-inch relief for a swatch book cover; in broadsides, booklets, and folders of almost all sizes and types; in envelope stuffers, order blanks, envelopes, letterheads, stickers, labels, busi ness cards, swatch cards, advertising match books, celluloid calendars and novelties, tags and suit boxes, silk and taffeta woven labels. The acid test of practicability has been proved by the ready, blanket acceptance and welcome afforded the Town Crier trade-mark by dealers from coast to coast, as well as Alaska and Honolulu. FELIX LATZ LIPPMAN 13 Keller Heumann Thompson Co.

Advertising Arts en | 1935 | | page 21