An example of novel and sound merchan dising and packaging is this new ink bottle for General Ink. The bottle is of corrugated glass topped with a shiny metal cap. Horizontal lines on the carton carry out the design of the bottle. The color scheme is blue and silver. An interest ing feature of this design is its convertibility. At tached to each bottle is a folder and coupon tell ing how to convert it into a lamp base or cocktail shaker, with provisions for obtaining the conver sion accessories. The bottle and carton were designed by Mon roe F. Dreher, Inc., Newark, N. J., and produced by the following manufacturers: Bottle: Salem Glass Works. Cap: Bakelite. Colt's Patent Fire Arms Mfg. Co. Metal Cap: Brass Goods Mfg. Co. Label: L. F. Grammes Sons. Carton: Int'l Folding Paper Box Co., Inc. 'ERMANENT UE black Insert opposite: Color photograph by Henry Waxmanprinted by McCall Company, Dayton

Advertising Arts en | 1935 | | page 24