and painted bulletins so as to insure a maximum of circulation and visibility. The traffic flow charts tell us quite definitely where to place our postersbut they do not tell us where not to place them. As a result we find all too frequently, poster panels and painted boards so placed as to form a traffic haz ard, or to mar unnecessarily a beautiful landscape, or to encroach upon an exclusive resident district. These are some of the things that cause criticism of the outdoor medium, and limits its effectiveness. The Pacific coast probably has gone farther than any other part of the country in the matter of regulat ing the placement of poster displays and in prohibiting the "sniping" or bootleg postings that clutter up the streets and boulevards of so many of our cities. Much progress has been made on the West Coast also in the matter of limiting the number of poster panels that can be grouped in one place, and in landscaping the surroundings of panels so as to increase their artistic effect and make them more pleasing to the eye. There is a job here in which Advertising Clubs throughout the country might profitably interest them selvesthe job of seeing that existing regulations are enforced, and that additional regulations, where necessary, should be adopted. The better class of plant owners would gladly cooperate, I am sure, in such a movement. 22 In the matter of poster design, we still have much to learnand this is one point upon which we might profitably cross the ocean for suggestions. Posters in Europe are small; confined chiefly to one and three sheet panels, but they are strikingly effective. Lacking the large size panels, and the multitude of available locations that we enjoy in this country, they have had to concentrate upon poster art and they have performed miracles in giving to their miniature displays a maximum of attention value. Here in America we are just beginning to turn our attention seriously to the matter of technique. One of the strongest influences in this direction has been the National Exhibition of Poster Art held each autumn in Chicagoprizewinners of which are shown on the following pages. By stimulating a widespread and wholesome spirit of competition in poster design this annual exhibition has intrigued the best creative minds in the country, and as a natural result we are seeing a marked improvement in the displays that line our streets and highways. There still is much that is mediocre and ineffective but progress is being madegratifying progress and this inevitably is leading to a steadily increasing appreciation of the outdoor mediumnot as a sub stitute for other forms of advertisingbut as a strong sustaining and stimulating force, emphasizing and building up all other phases of advertising effort.

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