y IHEEH II51 FOR 1HE SEIEE1I0R OF PAPER eal to the 3 ïemeï—and u*e common ïenM THE PURPOSE OF THE JOB DOES THE PRPER EMPRESS IT? IHE SEIEITIOR OF PRPER WHAT IMPRESSION OF PRODUCT OR SERVICE IS TO BE CONVEYED? Beautydelicacydignitystrength conservatism... humor...news... technical? WHOM WILL IT REACH? Type of person...age...interests...tastes purchasing power.incomestand ards of quality...sex...social standing... occupation. WHEN WILL IT GO OUT? Appropriate to season...Current style trends, etc. WHO WILL SEE IT FIRST? Office boy...secretary...woman in home,etc. WHAT DO YOU HOPE WILL BE DONE WITH IT? (1) Read for its immediate message and thrown away. (2) Filed.(3)Carried in pocket. WHAT IS IT TO ACCOMPLISH? Bring requests for information. Mail orders, people into showrooms. Institutional, good will, news, announce ment, etc. DOES PERSONALITY OF PAPER CARRY CORRECT IMPRESSION? As expressed in texture...quality...color ...surface...feel... sound...finish... deckle edge or plain edge. HOW MUCH CAN BE SPENT? WHAT FORM WILL IT TAKE? Folder... booklet... stuffer... shape. ..broad side, etc., envelope. WILL SIZE CUT TO BEST ADVANTAGE? Consult your printer for economy. SUITABLE FOR Illustration (line or tone). Engraving... screen. Method reproduction. Type Face. Folding and Binding. CHECK POSTAL REGULATION AND MAIL ING COSTS TIMING OF MAI LING...MAI LING LIST WEIGHT...IS THERE A LIMIT? RETURN ENVELOPE AND/OR ORDER BLANK Book and Cover Supers, etc. Offset Thins Bond and Writing Ledgers Handmade Coated Parchment Finish Antique Finish Plate Finish Fancy Finish Wove Finish Laid Finish Machine Finish English Finish HEA SEEI SME TASTI tEELII Complied by Abbott Kimball

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