REYNOLDS MASTER ME troubles ceased. And protected from air and vermin, from moisture, heat and light rays, Dromedary Dixie j» Mix now comes in a bag made of Reynolds Master Metal, with a c m baking pan in which to bake the cake. ©J-* When The Hills Brothers Co., packers of Dromedary Brand Products, intro duced Dixie Mix, they took every precaution available, at the time, to safeguard the original freshness of this ready-to-bake fruit cake. Natu rally, a product so good had to have a package equally new and equally fine. Yet in spite of all precaution, the method of packaging that was adopted proved inadequate. Then The Hills Brothers Co. in vestigated Reynolds Master Metal. Their problem was presented for analysis to the Reynolds Laborato ries. A remedy was found and sug gested Reynolds Master Metal. The Hills Brothers Co. took the suggestion and immediately their Give your product every possible packaging benefit of both protection and display. Write or come to the Reynolds Laboratories. No charge is made for analysis. No recommenda- tions are given that are not to your L# advantage. And Reynolds Master Metal is advised only where it would be a decided improvement. Reynolds Metals Company, Inc., 19 Rector Street, New York City; 1259 •- 9 South Campbell Avenue, Chicago; 0 345 Ninth Street, San Francisco.

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