COMPLETE YOUR FILE OF ADVERTISING ARTS A limited supply remains of the back issues of Advertising Arts. It is constantly being drawn on by new subscribers who wish to have a complete personal file of copies. All articles are pro fusely illustrated. And there are many, many other articles, photographs, color charts, posters, drawings, inserts, etc., that do not appear in the much abbreviated table of contents listed here. Look over this list now and check the issues you need to complete your file. The price of each issue is 50c. To order, send list of the issues you need with check or money order to Advertising Arts, 9 East 38th Street, New York. 38 January 1930—Modern Layouts Must Sell Rather Than Startle Putting Beauty Into Design of Industrial Products Modernizing the TrademarkP. Hornung July 1930—Architecture as a Source in Modern Design Efficiency and Good Taste in Order Forms Smart Containers Made in a Variety of Materials October 1930Techniques for Newspaper Reproduction The Work of Anton BruehlPhotographer Eight Distinguished Letterheads January 1931Lettering and Its Place in Advertising Lucien Bernhard Eight Pages of Unusual Photo graphs Designing the Office of TodayNorman Bel Geddes May 1931Nine Ways in which Beauty Can Be Put to Work to Produce ResultsAbbott Kimball Making the Letterhead Fit the Product Increasing the Scope of the Trademark8 pages of designs in color July 1931 —Today's Trend in Window Displays The Combination PackageRoy Sheldon Styling the Direct Mail Piece September 1931 Improve the Package and Save Money Coordinated Design in Business Forms How to Use Modern Display Types November 1931 -Building Good Will with Good Design Beautiful Bottlesa story in Glass Design Putting Beauty to Work in Building a Modern House January 1932Redesigning Borden's Cheese Packages B. Vaughn Flannery The Story of a Trademark Joseph Sinel How Japan Designs Wrapping Papers March 1932 -Modern Display That Dramatizes the Product A New Approach to Fashion Photography Planning Packages to Sell Merchandise May 1932Lettering the PackageRoy Sheldon Prize Winners at the Art Directors' Show The De signer and the FactoryHenry Drey fuss July 1932Dramatizing MerchandiseArt Director Kates of Macy's Machine Age of AestheticsW. D. Teague Using Sculptured Hands to Sell September 1932 -The Means to Color PhotographyGor don M. Wilbur The Gentle Art of Cropping A New Techniquewith Photographs November 1932Etchings for CommerceOtto Kuhler Sixteen reproductions of the finest example of camera art Linking Package Design and Display January 1933Four Formulas for Designing a Letterhead Everett Currier Notes on Glass Design with ex amples of Fostoria Glass Type and Illustration Warren Chappell March 1933Three Pages of Wrigley PostersOtis Shep herd New Materials in Products and Packages Package Paradea reviewRoy Sheldon May 1933 The Effective Use of Small SpaceFranz C. Hess Seven pages of Prize Winners at the Art Direc tors' Show LithographyIts History and Practice July 1933Design and Economic RecoveryE. E. Cal kins Business and the Fair Baby Parade GlamourLeonard September 1933Photographic Packaging Josephine Von Miklos Art for Government's SakeC. T. Coiner Black and WhiteWarren Chappell The Typo graphic Clock Turns BackwardRoss Craufurd November 1933Paper in the MakingDr. J. Campbell New Patterns in Persuasive PrintF. T. Singleton Design for BusinessRoy Sheldon First Three Poster Prizes, 1933 Four Pages of English Posters January 1934"Get Up to Snuff"James Mangan Rightness SellsW. D. Teague On Musical Instru mentsRussel Wright PaperIts Classifications E. K. Hunt March 1934Atelier to AdvertisingC. T. Coiner "Life in the Act"Stuart Campbell I believe in De signWalter P. Chrysler The Evolution of the Motor CarRaymond Loewy. May 1934Whither Industrial Design?E. E. Calkins Four Illustrations from "The Travels of Marco Polo" W. A. Dwiggins Open Letter Re: American Wines I Believe in DesignGrover A. Whalen Design for the RailroadW. D. Teague July 1934 Pictorial StatisticsRudolph Modley and Franz C. Hess A Collection of Russian Book Pages I Believe in DesignPercy S. Straus Plans for TomorrowSix Industrial Designers September 1934-CavalcadeRene Clarke Notes on Letterhead DesignJohn Averill Maps for Advertis ing Pointers for DesignersHerbert Chase

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