OH-I-NOO a suggestion \\7he Perfect Pencil and an excellent and timely one it is have your complete files of reference publications bound in annual volumes. The cost is negligible. Youll find the convenience and added value a sound investment. We recommend economical binding but if you choose more elaborate tech' nique we can provide that too. FISHER BOOKBINDING CO. if you need an extra copy of the current issue of AD- VERTI SI NC ARTS in a hurry, it can be obtained from the following out of town dealers DAYTON CLEVELAND DETROIT NEW HAVEN CHICAGO WICHITA, KAN. NEW ORLEANS BOSTON WORCESTER ST. PAUL ST. LOUIS BUFFALO MILWAUKEE PHILADELPHIA "METROPOLITAN MOVIES The artist, Denys Wortm.au, uses the "Negro" pencil for all these drawings. Mr. Wortman likes the consistently smooth black crayon lead which is so adaptable for different tones and which reproduces so well for newspaper printing without losing a single delicate stroke. Easy eraser corrections, and no smudges with the "Negro" pencil help too, says Mr. Wortman. If you have a style or identity in your work, don't take chances with it. Only a perfect drawing pencil is good enough to capture every intention of a suc cessful artist. Insist on "Negro" drawing pencils. They are made in five degrees. No. 1, very soft; No. 2, soft; No. 3, medium; No. 4, hard; No. 5, very hard. And in refill leads Nos. 1 and 2. 39 BINDING btFISHER 228 EAST 45TH STREET, NEW YORK TELEPHONE MURRAY HILL 2-0888 Publications Booklets Folders Catalogs Full Bound Half Bound Mounting Wilkie News Co., 1 25 S. Ludlow St. Schroeder's, 226 East Superior Ave. CINCINNATI Fountain News Co., 426 Walnut St. George Mannebach, 14641 Turner Ave. Nodelman's News Depot, I OOChurchSt. Post Office News Co., 37 W. Monroe St. Kroch's, 206 North Michigan Ave. Stevenson's News St'd, 1 25N.MarketSt. Bert E. Gilmore, 105 Royal St. Smith McCance, 5 Ashburton PI. F. A. Easton Co., Main and Pleasant St. St. MarieCigar&NewsCo., 96 E. 5th St. Foster Book Co., 41 0 Washington Ave. D. S. Wilder, Ellicott Sq. C. H. Parrott, Plankinton Arcade M. Squires, 1 7th and Chestnut St. Courtesy of N. Y. World The Girl Who Left Home Because She Didn't Like To Help Her Mother With The Dishes 1% SPECIAL OFFER TO ART STUDENTS KOH-I-NOOR PENCIL CO., Inc. 373 Fourth Ave., New York, N. Y. ADA-i Enclosed find 10 cents (stamps or coin). Please send me the following: One "Negro" drawing pencil Noand "Negro" pencil drawing by famous illustrator. Name Street City. State

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