Gar al Ni Cas 1 Bodo Futur Berni EvcH Wei sl CO A NEW FOLDER OF TYPE FACES READY SCHMIDT. FOUNTAIN PENS CANNOT CLOG WITH GENERAL'S INK frederick w Typography AS A LAMP BASE AS A COCKTAIL SHAKER GENERAL PENCIL COMPANY JERSEY CITY NEW JERSEY Casll Sty Be tl 228 EAST 45th STREET NEW YORK CITY Don't blame your fountain pen for cloggingits the ink that does it. Ordinary ink contains undissolved solids that clog and form scaly deposits. General's Ink is free from sediment. It never clogs. It flows freely, dries quicklydoes not spread or blot. Unbiased laboratory tests prove its superiority. Get General's Ink today. If your dealer cannot sup ply you, use the coupon below. In addition to its economy, the quart-size General's ink bottle can be converted easily into a beautiful lamp base for the office or home. In pairs, these lamps look particularly attractive. Their modern design makes them suit able to any type of surroundings. Should you prefer it, the General's ink bottle makes a smart, prac tical, non-leaking cocktail shaker. Send $1.50 and the coupon for a quart of ink and we will in clude the conversion accessories for either lamp base or cocktail shaker, without additional charge. General Pencil Co., Jersey City, N. J. I enclose $1.50. Please send me a quart of General's Ink as checked. Also send me the accessories for converting bottle into a lamp base or cocktail shaker Permanent Blue Black Red Washable Blue Non-eradicating Blue Permanent Black Name Address City

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