IN POSTER DESIGN COMPANYDETROIT SO MUCH MORE FOR SO LITTLE MORE AGAIN CAMPBELL-EWALD LEADS 3 WONTIAC 8 FIRST PRIZE—1934 FOR the fourth consecutive year Campbell-Ewald has won major honors at the National Exhibition of Poster Art held annually in Chicago. More than four hundred posters the finest examples of outdoor advertising produced in America during the last twelve monthscom peted for recognition this year. The judges were ten men and women of national reputation in art, advertising and merchandising. The result To Campbell-Ewald Company First and third prizes Four Honorable Mention awards And, in addition, twenty-two of the thirty-one posters exhibited by Campbell-Ewald were selected for a place among the "One Hundred Best Posters of the Year." During the last four years Campbell-Ewald post ers have won seven of the twelve major prizes offered at these great national exhibitions. Here is the record 1931 First and second prizes 1932—First prize 1933Second and third prizes 1934First and third prizes These achievements are mentioned not in any spirit of boasting, but merely as an indication of the outstanding creative ability that has been assembled in this organization for the benefit of its clients, and that extends through every department of advertising and merchandising service. "Advertising Well Directed" is much more than a mere catch phrase. GENERAL MOTORS BI.DG., DETROIT SAN FRANCISCO PORTLAND TORONTO MONTREAL

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