DOUBLES ITS SPACE WILBAR PHOTO ENGRAVING CO., Inc. <s/M to lead in accomplishment, service and quality for 1935. Four overlapping shifts to supply unusual twenty-four hour service. Supervision that maintains quality and provides intelligent follow through every hour day or night. And now, two large floors scientifically planned, ventilated and modernly equipped to do everything new or old in color process, black and white and Ben Day engraving. This is the best way we know to keep faith with our customers who have made our steady growth possible. 333 WEST 52nd ST., NEW YORK j| TELEPHONES: Circle 7-7500 COLOR PROCESS DIRECT COLOR BEN DAY OPERATING FOUR OVERLAPPING SHIFTS TO PROVIDE 24 HOUR SERVICE SHOULDER TO SHOULDER MEMBER PHOTO ENGRAVERS BOARD OF TRADE OF N. Y., INC.—AMERICAN PHOTO ENGRAVERS ASSOCIATION-CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF UNITED STATES

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