MEMORANDUM Chile 3 LIST OF MEMBERS AND FRIENDS OF ABSTRACTION- CREATION PARIS 1st district 7 2nd 3 3rd I 4th 3 5th10 6th18 7th19 8th 7 9th 5 10th I llth0 12th 5 13th 2 14th 52 15th25 16th 18 I 7th19 18th12 19th 0 20th2 Total 209 The Committee of the Association Abstraction-Creation presents to the readers of their publication the accompanying list, which indicates the interest taken to day in Abstract Art. It gives in main statistics, from the different districts of Paris and of the other countries, the number of people interested in this movement and inscribed on our register. Cubists, futu rists surealists or other tendencies are not indicated. Examination of this list permits us to realise the intellec- tuel movement. Attention is drawn to the varied degree of interest shown in Abstract Art in the 14th district (Paris) compared with +he llth and the 19th, and also with the 14th and 15th compared with the 18th district. These statistics speak for themselves. COUNTRIES Switzerland 68 France 43 (Outside Paris) America 33 Holland 12 Great Britain II Germany II Poland 7 Italy7 Belgium 3 Spain 2 Czechislovakia 2 Sweden 2 Silesia Bas-Rhin Luxembourg Hungary Japan Total 207 It is similar for the other countries. We know that the abs tract movement had its great developement as far as archi- techture was concerned, in Holland, that Germany after the war of 1914, used this movement as a leitmotiv; example, their Bauhaus etc. In England this conception was complete!/ ignored. As to America, there was only the great architect Frank-Lloyd Wright. Our list represents the manometer. Switz erland, a country always eager for novelty, is at the head of the list with 68. Holland, witnessed the departure of several of her artists to foreign countries, registers 12. Germany only I I. Italy 7. These figures are naturally only the conclu sions drawn from our register, which means that only those in sumpathy with Abstract Art, known to our organisation, are under consideration. We are sure that the number of people who are interested in Abstrat Art is far greater, be cause they are by no means all counted in our files, every day new-comers make themselves known to us and join our organisation, so as to be able to participate in a more active way in the abstrat movement in art. It is also curious to see how, in America, the number of those interested in the movement has increased, and pro gress is also noted in England. Thus, we can consider that 17 countries, outside France, are interested in Abstrat Art and that Paris is the centre of the movement. All things change Italy knew the greatness of the Renais sance, Montmartre the glory of the Fauves; now Paris is bound up in the present movement. We sincerely hope she will keep this position and prerogative.

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