FUTURA ^Les Jleurs clumonl 4 The Century...The Broadway...The Overland...The Golden State...Four of the dozens of superb trains operated daily over American Railroads. To express these four and their many sisters, in type as powerful, as clean cut, as distin guished as the trains themselves, has hitherto been rather a problem. With FUTURA BOLD, however, conveying the same energetic, abstract and logical qualities, this prob lem fades to the vanishing point. Never was there a type face better suited to present the message of not only the railroads but also the entire heavy industries, than this... the type of today and tomorrow THE BAUER TYPE FOUNDRY, INC., NEW YORK At Two-Thirty-Five East Forty-Fifth Street WALTER HUXLEYFutura Type The Bauer Type Foundry Cleveland Shaw WALTER GEOGHEGAN-Wesson Oil Southern Cotton Oil Co. Calkins Holden r7o trrtu/inft ait mr/a«fiN0 efnirtl of yon/A, lo Ivr- fteluale eternal eftring, /Aw H /A# dreamland of /A# •marl woman of lodag. oftt A at inonn an ard*nl eeorebifefmr of lb* tnn, ant/ a. a tymbol of Aor adora tion for /Aw goddem of lbdav, aftftliee latw of mo*! mebll. tbadinge. fA, a blend, and moW we/rom. /o litem children of lb* enn, one of lb* foretnoel cou ture ere of lb* continent Aae rr*al*d litem re*lratn*d oden re extracted from a choice eelmtlon of a rare alpine flora. ^fou bar* bul lo inlo one of our ehofte lo 1$ lb* etofyftere from ib*m mo*l enchanting modern flacon» to eenm lb* meaning of *acb fragrance. LES SALONS ROSE "jè^ea u ly Jf) ecia lists am eic -^Jortc 8 cdelecl WALTER GEOGHEGAN-Snowdrift Southern Cotton Oil Co. Calkins Holden WALTER HUXLEY-Types The BauerType Foundry

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1930 | | page 143