30 art, design television 30 art directors ken snyder, ray patin producer ray patin productions photographer williarn a. fraker agency batten, barton, durstine osborn, inc. advertiser mjb co. 31 art director dan content producer audio productions artist russell patterson photographer victor lukens agency benton bowles, inc. advertiser procter gamble company 32 art director richard saunders artist irene ferguson agency young rubicam, inc. advertiser general foodsjell-o pudding and pie filling 33 art directors michael shore, john liubley producer storyboard, inc. artist bill melendez agency michael shore agency advertiser muntz tv 34 art director dirk content producer richard saunders photographer audio productions agency young rubicam, inc. advertiser goodyear airfoam 35 art director norman tate producer peter elger agency n. w. ayer son, inc. advertiser hills bros. coffee

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1954 | | page 330