DëE QËZ3 The dope addict Diet for J Bdauty I I»v Romeo Sulfa Beauty is the precious gift of conscious health. Conscious health is the result of unending thought and control. Hurry-up diets, self-medication, or starvation regimes can produce wicked results; while carefulK chosen foods, thoughtfully prepared, can make a wonder-working contribution to health and consequent beauty. For more than a thousand years, Italian preparation of food has ministered to Italian beauty, and Italian beauties have enchanted the world. Designer, Art Director Paul Grotz Artist Walker Evans Publisher Time Inc. Publication Architectural Forum EDITORIAL SECTION, 2 COLORS OR BLACK AND WHITE OSS Designer, Art Director Anthony T. Mazzola Photographer Richard Avedon Publisher Hearst Magazines Publication Town Country Designer Ray Komai Art Director Paul Grotz Photographers Sey mour Rotkin, Ezra Stoller Publisher Time Inc. Publication Architec- tural Forum flcW Designer, Art Director Allen F. Hurlburt Photographer Cal Bern stein Publisher Cowles Magazines Inc. Publication Look Magazine CRIMINAL OR PATIENTf 101

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 107