HEUBLEIN r COCKTAILS MAGAZINE ADS, SINGLE PAGE 3 OR MORE COLORS Q Award of Distinctive Merit—Designer, Art Director Art Kane Pho tographer Saul Leiter Advertising Agency Irving Serwer Advertis ing, Inc. Advertiser I. Miller Sons Inc. Designer, Art Director Art Kane Artist Jack Beck Advertising Agency Irving Serwer Advertising, Inc. Advertiser Haymaker Designer Herb Lubalin Art Director Gene Federico Photographer William Helburn Advertising Agency Douglas D. Simon Advertising, Inc. Advertiser Supima Association of America Designer, Art Director Bernard S. Owett Photographer Wingate Paine Advertising Agency J. Walter Thompson Co. Advertiser United States Playing Card Co. g Designers Bert Stern, Hershel Bramson Art Director Hershel Bram- son Photographer Bert Stern Advertising Agency L. C. Gumbinner Advertising Agency, Inc. Advertiser Hueblein Cocktails OOIXCi VOFM WAT-HAYMA keks Here, there. everywhere, the white foot will take the smartest steps th- summer. For the walk of your life, supple, snowy white Haymakers pampering you with their hand-cobbled softness. In a wardrobe of colors, too. The Pump in kip-calfskin, about $15: bucko suede, about $16. The Wedge-Tie in kip-calfskin, about $16. For store nearest vou. write to Havmaker Shoe Corp.. Dept. V4. 47 W. 34th Street. New Wk. N Edward G.Robinson never gets tough with his guests No considerate host disregards the preference of his guests. If a man wants a Dry Mart,-v. don't force something else or rem. liquors, perfectly proportioned, expertly mixed. "£jt Uniformly excellent, first to last. You can pour Martini» on-the-rocks right from the Heublein bottle {easy as whiskey) because they're foil strength. Or stir wlfh ice and serve in traditional cocktail glasses. Cheers I 0. r heublein 4 bkO„ hastforO. conn. 9

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 15