V E in: i li', i.kin COCKTAILS I Your friends will hardly wait to get inside it! The Designer, Art Director Hershel Bramson Photographer Bert Stern Advertising Agency Lawrence C. Gumbinner Advertising Agency, Inc. Advertiser Hueblein, Inc. Designer, Art Director Robert Gage Photographer William Helburn Advertising Agency Doyle, Dane, Bernbach, Inc. Advertiser Cole of California Designer, Art Director Onofrio Paccione Photographer Dan Wynn Advertising Agency Grey Advertising Agency, Inc. Advertiser Wallace Silversmiths Designer, Art Director Richard Gertner Artist Richard Gertner Ad vertising Agency Irving Serwer Advertising, Inc. Advertiser Carlisle Shoe Co. Designer, Art Director Arnold Varga Photographer Bert Stern Ad vertising Agency Ketchum, MacLeod Grove, Inc. Advertiser Alu minum Company of America Wouldn't you like to sit down and.. You can! That's the beauty of Wallace Sterling. It's always at home with pottery and cotton or linen and limoges. Of course, when you see Wallace Sterling, it does look more expen sive than other sterling. But it isn't! It's just that Wallace, alone, is sculptured all around. eat with Wallace Sterling every day! Pick it up and see the flow of design. Hold it in the warmth of your hand and feel its perfect balance. When you eat with Wallace every day, it needs no more than soap and water care. It wears forever. Its lustre grows as your pride in it will. In use: Discovery, *37.50 WALLACE S1~EF5L_irvlO jpA 10

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 16