m EE S3 THE RELAXED HORN OF MILES DAVIS One of the brightest lights on the modern jazz scene, and unofficial headmaster of the new school of relaxed trumpet Playing, is 30 year old Miles Davis. The Davis tone is soft, rich, intimate in its breathy warmth. He seldom goes in for frantic effects. His style is an almost paradoxical HAPPY HOLLIDAY There is a school of thought which holds that Judy Holhday could make even lady Macbeth a lovable, ingratiating character. In fact, if she ever undertakes the part, we intend to see every performance emotional tension. old time fans of the great Joe Smith, served his apprenticeship with Dizzy Gillespie; learned the ground rules of harmony at the Juiiliard School and figured ai one of Charlie Parker s henchmen on 52nd Street, lust before the strip teasers took over. In 195S he organized the phenomenally popular Miles Davis Quintet, which makes its Columbia debut this month. Holliday is illuminating a Are Ringing," and the glow she puts forth is visible for a subscriber she has nei seen. She sings in a voi with a power and range I recording as it is on stage at the Shubert Theatre. BH.IS ARE RINGING Th« o-.j,n«l Specially priced lot limited Designer, Art Director Thomas Lafferty Artist Merle Bassett Adver tising Agency Lewin, Williams Saylor, Inc. Advertiser Darbury Designer, Art Director Helmut Krone Photographer Wingate Paine Advertising Agency Doyle, Dane, Bernbach, Inc. Advertiser Polar oid Corporation. Designer, Art Director Orviile Sheldon Photographer Stephen Heiser Advertising Agency Foote, Cone Belding Advertiser Hiram Walker Inc. Designer, Art Director Gene Federico Photographer Bert Stern Advertising Agency Douglas D. Simon Advertising, Inc. Advertiser Supima Association of America Designer, Art Director George Elliott Photographer Don Hunstein Advertising Agency McCann-Erickson, Inc. Advertiser Columbia Records RECORDS THE SOUND OF COLUMBIA!! ty 15

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