m E onfyVOGlJE brings you the complete fashion story. 20 times a year save 25 on the single This is the watch that went to the Antarctic on the 50-natior. Geophysical Year project, now underway. It lived through tin world's worst temperature shifts—from 100 above to 40 below And it kept time perfectly! A great new compensamatii device kept it split-second faithful! It's watei'proof* too self-winding, anti-magnetic and shock-resistant, with i guaranteed unbreakable mainspring and balance staff That's why Croton can guarantee it unconditionally foi 3 years. It's all stainless steel, designed for rugged wear yet it's slim and handsome. Makes a great gift! «69.5( The Antarctic by CROTON Designer, Art Director Richard Loew Photographer Lester Book binder Publisher Conde Nast Publications, Inc. Publication Vogue Magazine Designer, Art Director Robert Gage Photographer Wingate Paine Advertising Agency Doyle, Dane, Bernbach, Inc. Advertiser Croton Watch Co. EE Designers Paul Smith, Marce Mayhew Art Director Paul Smith Pho tographer Stephen Michael Advertising Agency Calkins Holden, Inc. Advertiser Rand McNally Co. MAGAZINE ADS, 2 PAGES OR MORE 3 OR MORE COLORS Art Directors Club Medal—Designer, Art Director Robert Pliskin Photographer Becker Horowitz Advertising Agency McCann-Erick- son, Inc. Advertiser Columbia Records The mind of a newborn child, it is said, is a tablet on which nothing is written - tabula rasa, the philosophers called it. Then experience starts its story and keeps tin writing until life is done. What shall be written on the sensitive mind ol your child? As the years unfold the world unfolds and much of it will unfold in books. For hooks are essential eltriehcrs of every child's experience. Rand MfNally publishes and prints for other publishers the kind of good reading that enriches the mind of child and grownup alike. Textbooks for schools proud of their standards encyclopedias, books lo help children learn through their imaginations nonaction to en- RAND M'NALLY 14 16

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 22