m PARIS PARIS papi«; MILLSTEIN ARPEGE MILLSTEIN ARPEGE MILLSTEIN ARPEGE beauty in sweaters...b"uc >- A gently-tiubbed surface «eft. deep, delectable ve il wears .without fuzzit.v washes wit hout fail! What- new process that change* tlu? face of nylon. Plus the most consistently tin. nylon yarn the industry v ever known product the only integrated plant, the most modern research facilities, the most exciting name in nylon: Chemstrand. (The colors? Brought to life by Chem-nyle, remarkable new dyeing process created by Chemstrand.) (HEMSTliAM) NYLON DAN lllr f.iihinii: DAN (lie frii£r<Hirc: iurn>iiiiil >1111 with tin' i'miU'iiipiii ut DAN lit* (iiirriiHiiil ii" willi ihf i'vt ilenirni «I

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 24