T1 "V x r f T T VA.SUiX >1 111 X\<\ V M K I ;c O/^' The 37th Annual National Ex hibition, sponsored by the Art Directors Club of New York, opened at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on April 1. The 467 pieces of advertising and edito rial art and design in the Exhi bition were viewed by more than 8,000 people during the New York presentation. The entries submitted for this 1958 Exhibition numbered over 11,000. From these thou sands of entries the jurors se lected the works which were displayed in the 37th Exhibi tion. Each accepted entry was judged not only on originality and excellence of execution, but also on its sucess in communi cating its message. Essentially the job of art and design is com munication, and only when a piece fulfills this function, as well as exemplifying the best in art and design, may it be pro nounced successful graphic art. The panel of jurors for art and design entries this year was made up of only sixteen men. By keeping this panel relatively small in number, it was felt that not only the screening process could be speeded up but that the actual selection of works for awards could be facilitated. Each member of this jury was a recognized leader in his field —advertising, publishing or in dustry. As each entry came up for acceptance, and later as each accepted work came up for con sideration of an award, all members of the jury—with the exception of those men whose particular field a given work represented—participated in the judging. This year only sixteen Medals were awarded. The number was kept at a minimum SVA LA ill w. yxxiihi: Midi ^idÊÊLt~

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 250