in order to ensure that the high standards for excellence set by the Art Directors Club of New York shall always be main tained. Fórty-three Distinctive Merit Awards were presented and each of the 467 entries in the Annual Exhibition was hon ored with a Certificate of Merit. The entire Exhibit will be sent around the United States for display in our major cities. As in New York, the men and women who view this Exhibi tion while it is on tour will not all be artists, designers and art directors. Many thousands will not be directly concerned with art and design. Rather, they will be copywriters, production people, and agency and com pany executives. But the impres sion made 011 these men and women is of vital importance, for on that impression depends their better understanding of the 'problems confronting the art director as he strives to pro mote a closer integration of the needs of selling and the profes sional demands of art so that the creative result may be one which moves goods and services. Through its Annual Na tional Exhibitions the Art Directors Club of New York demonstrates its leadership in elevating the standards of de sign and art and in advancing the art director toward the day when the desirability of in-, eluding him in the highest eche lons of management will be fully recognized by advertising ,1 and industry. Only when the art director is a participant in the conception of the idea behind the finished material will his potential be utilized in business. Victor Trasoff Exhibition Chairman

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 252