a report on the conference on "creativity" On the second of April the Third Communications Con ference of the Art Directors Club of New York opened at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Each session of the two-day Confer ence was attended by more than 500 members and guests of the Art Directors Club. These men and women gathered to consider, to discuss, to learn about the process of "creativity," the subject of the 1958 Conference. At these sessions a distin guished group of men, repre senting the fields of science, education and business, plus a number of highly articulate men from the arts, explored the nature of the creative process— the discovery of creativity in the individual, the development of it by training, the environmen tal factors that encourage it. Until quite recently cre ativity was too often equated with irresponsibility and im- practicality. Moreover, the cre ative process was generally regarded as being legitimately operative only in art, literature, music and the theatre. Even in these arts, however, no investi gation of any magnitude or sig nificance into the nature of the creative process had ever been undertaken. The subject was as woeful ly neglected by those who pos sessed creative ability as by those who failed to discern that the creative process is an essen tial element to productivity and progress in every held of human endeavor. But the minds of men even tually open to unexplored areas and now the serious investiga tion of the creative process is under way. Creativity, as was pointed out in the Harvard Business Review, is like peace: everyone wants it, every one seems to have some ideas about it, but nobody appears able to produce it." It is puzzling that the ad vertising business should be so laggard in investigating the cre ative process. In this business entrusted with the expenditure of 1 o billions every year, with a gross commission of $1.5 bil lion, creativity is the central drive, with high-priced creative personnel the major invest ment. Yet the creative process it self has received attention from neither management nor the

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 256