wv.vrtt A call for entries to the Thirty-Seventh Annual National Exhibition of Advertising .Editorial Art I )esigii"^«ttiPNew York Art l)it (Br»Club .v.v.ir//» the opening spread of the call for entries to the 37th A.D. annual cover design of call for entries 5 forms for art television entries envelope for the call for entries cover for entrance instructions TV INSTRUCTION' SHEET .V.V.1V7/ management award booklet and invitation to the award luncheon .ixir« instructions and fee envelopes schedule of events order form III HO SI A 1 NTH ANNUAL N.Vi iOXAL EXHIBITION OF ADVFRTIMNT if KDITORIAL. SH i 4?DESIGN OF TDK NEW VORK ART DIRECTORS CLl'll \PR11, 1 'IX10,10AMTO7PM ssTt >R a 1.1 Try, srd fix xjr WALDORF-ASTORIA HOTEL AO 111 ST. if PARK AVE., N.Y.C poster for the annual exhibition ditpbilitv for exhibiting selection and awards *4W l* tx farxkdurf, for suhimilmg muics diargvs 7»*w^-v»««r* Vw l«rk.tr* f'M t9S8 Write Kirn. a;,..: I A: g wIB j'I r - i T\ TVWfcfrRm» fafitwiji trb-» I««m «öta 4«>1< 2 *40000' ill tvx^v-. s j Wftwtew'.M llZHf.tHMtSirr* S'tt Xork Hi, S. 1' Kr„-:; «H \*t CORWAU.Y l\\! li-i)TOT!ÏK i'NKViKWo! iHl MiiKIS-s; I - III i\\i u um.vu i \iuBiiion or VmJKHSI\U 9 I jjfOHIAi. ART IH\K.N HII A8I DlRiCiORS Cl I li t ii- \i-\V IRK. MARCH ,'iSM. J.SS8 mmr wit» 1.1.1 os- Hi VAUKHU -AvtOHlA invitation to exhibition preview wwumn i t m num 'CRivvnvm 'li d t t-,jf i< ART DIRECTORS cl.f 'H m AWARDS LLXCHLON OR AND BALLROOM VWLi>ORF-ASTORIA PARK AVE., aOTH ST. I C rAOAV. AS-TO. 1ST HOB, Vi JO XOOX M'X.OO PER IT R SOS' TICKET So. FABLE So. ■•m b| rili

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 258