w O dp a new design committee ,ixvr// .VX.VfJt 3 w# creativity conference booklet 5111.5 III f-sola 3 all creativity conference order form cover for the exhibition guide events schedule for conference mmmgm envelope for medal certificates r'"v3*' 37th awards certificate of merit medal certificate, complete unit For 37 years the Art Directors Club of New York has sought to encourage and promote fine gra phics in this country. It has been eminently successfully in the realization of this goal and to day people both within and without the profession look to the A.D. Club for guidance. In view of this the Art Directors Club attempts every year to better the high stand ards of its own promotional ac tivities. In past years a number of design committees have had remarkable success in produc ing the printed material. This year, at our suggestion, the Executive Board decided to develop a design committee which would create every phase of the club's promotional mate rial, including the design of this Annual, much the same as many leading companies have insti tuted completely integrated de sign programs. Our responsibility was to create an image for all promo tional material including: the Call for Entries for the 37th Annual National Exhibition, the Exhibition itself, the Awards, all printed matter for the Third Communications Conference and for the design of the 1958 Annual. This Committee was made up of six distinguished design ers who worked closely with me and with each other to develop a closely knit program. Louis Dorfsman art director, CBS Radio call for entries and awards Ray Komai art director Architectural Forum 37th annual exhibit Th:r<i ConSmiK'- <4 'Uk Art I Ckif> <>f St* V«* L||jjj J s is1 I rC?': Sli i I111 ism 'ill THrtt-SernM Aiutmil Saltmml hrhihilitm af Atirprthimj mui UMarial Art ami Ib'xiyti The Art lUreeloea CM'1 XXXrt* r -rt? The Art liwriorx ('ftih of ThMg-tiereMh Amtml Nat mm! OrhMmi of Jdrertwng and Kdtfami Art mul Dmgti The A rt IMrmUmt Vké Medal Demgn of Complete {Mi-Newspaper Ad JtefbLMnK AD-Designer; Bert* Striehen Dewjmr PhafOt Ike Vem ,'Agmeg, Sadler ïïmnemy Advertiser, Fedemlim ef'Jmteh PMlmDirapim 247

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 259