national society of art directors Stanley Glaubach, Joseph Palamara Three Dimensional Design 37th annual exhibit George Lois art director Sudler Hennessey exhibit catalog and the 37th annual GeneFederico art director Douglas D. Simon third communications conference Sudler Hennessey all collateral material The first task of the Design Committee was the selection of sources of supply for typogra phy, photography, engraving, offset, paper and other essen tial materials and services. The individuals and companies that were selected, provided products and services of the high quality demanded by the design committee. Our special thanks for their outstanding quality and service go to these suppliers se lected to work with the Com mittee: The Composing Room, Empire Typographers and Lino- craft were responsible for the typography. Photographers were Ben Rose, Carl Fischer and Ben Somoroff. Plates were made by Collier Photoengraving. Off set was supplied by Crafton Graphic, Morris Press and Bur ton-Quaker. The Harbor Paper Company and Nelson-White- head supplied the paper. Our primary concern was to develop a single image that would identify the 37th Annual National Exhibition. The final design was an emblem based on the AD symbol embellished with identification for the year and the series number of the Exhibition. In the same manner a symbol was developed for the Third Communications Confer ence. The ultimate design was the phrenologic head, symboliz ing "Creativity," the Confer ence theme. Because of the particular need for clarity, conciseness and economy in the Call for Entries, a newspaper format was devel oped employing large type and line velox photographs printed on inexpensive construction paper. By utilizing the AD sym bol and typography from the Call for Entries, the collateral material all but designed itself. If the success of this pro gram can be equated to the suc cess of the 1958 Annual Exhibi tion and Third Communica tions Conference, our future plans should include a continu ance of similarly integrated pro motional efforts. Herb'Lubalin vice-president and executive art director Sudler Hennessey, Inc. design chairman This, our thirteenth year, marks another milestone in the history of the National Society of Art Directors. In these thirteen years the N.S.A.D. has become one of the largest professional graphic art groups in North America. The present membership, number ing over 3,500 from 31 Clubs, represents every major industri al area in the U.S. and Canada. This year we were happy to welcome into our growing organization the Art Directors Clubs of Richmond, Virginia; Dallas-Fort Worth Texas; St. Louis, Missouri; and Omaha, Nebraska. With fifteen other Clubs wishing to become affilia ted with the N.S.A.D., it is con ceivable that within the next five years more than fifty Clubs will have joined the Society. The exceptionally rapid rate of growth of the National Society has given rise, under standably, to some problems. Chief among these is the prob lem of adequate communica tion between member Clubs. Various solutions have been offered and one of these, the grouping of Clubs, has been under serious consideration for a number of years. Accordingly, at the annual meeting this year, President James P. Sherman presented a proposal by which a division of the country into regional sections—after the pat tern adopted by the qA's— would be achieved. Operating under a regional plan, each Club can realize a greater value from its activities and the Society can derive increased benefits from a continuing exchange of ideas, conferences and exhibitions. Let us consider some of the accomplishments and activities of the N.S.A.D. Through the Society's "Code of Fair Prac tice," the organization has be come recognized as a champion of ethical business practices. The artist, photographer, art director and buyer have thus been provided with certain con trols that have proved mutually beneficial. Among these bene fits are the improvement in the relationship between seller and buyer, and the assurance of high ethical standards in the adver tising industry. The N.S.A.D. has been working diligently with mem ber Clubs on education and scholarships. At the annual meeting Guy Fry, Education Director of the Society, gave a report on the activities of the various Clubs in this field. More detailed reports were giv-

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