officers report from the executive board 1958 en by a number of representa tives from member Clubs. Some of the Clubs, it should be noted, working closely with colleges and universities in their sections of the country, have been in strumental in bringing about certain revisions in the art pro grams and teaching methods of some of these institutions. For example, one school, the Atlan ta Art Institute, will now award the degree of B.F.A. as a direct result of the efforts by the mem bership of the Atlanta Art Directors Club. This accept ance by leading schools of Art Directors Clubs as a major source of help in art training procedures is not only gratify ing, but also important to the Society's position of leadership today and in the future. This year of 1958 has found the individual Clubs pre senting exhibitions of advertis ing design and editorial art of the highest calibre. Reported pictorially in the Art Direction Magazine and the Annual, they become a part of the permanent record of graphic art in North America. Finally, in 1958, the Na tional Society of Art Directors opened a headquarters office. Located at 115 East 40 Street, as before, the decoration of the new office was planned by the Society's Executive Secretary, Janet Brewster Orr. To the Art Directors Club of New York we express our grateful apprecia tion for their kindness in shar ing their facilities with the Society over the past 13 years. The N.S.A.D. is a forward- looking and forward-moving organization. Each year finds the Society recording the achievement of the objectives of the past year and setting new goals for the coming year. Dur ing 1959 the Society anticipates increased activity in education, exhibitions and conferences, and, most important, the reali zation of improved communi cation between member Clubs through the establishment of the regional division plan. George Giusti, noted ad vertising/editorial designer was named winner of the eleventh annual N.S.A.D. award. A na tionwide poll of over thirty-five hundred art directors named him Art Director of the Year. Mr. Giusti's Fortune magazine covers and campaigns for chem ical firms have won him many awards. He was born in Milan, Italy, in 1908, and received his education there. He was gradu ated from the Reale Accademia de Belle Art di Brera. At the age of 30 he left his Zurich studio for the United States. He has been a free-lance advertising and publication designer here ever since, receiving wide ac claim and many AD club awards and AIGA honors. RobertWest secretary-treasurer - N.S.A.D. secre tary - treasu rer Robert West assistant secretary, Chairman Publicity Edward R. Wade assistant treasurer Hoyt Howard advisory council Gordon C. Ay mar advisory council Cecil Baumgarten advisory council Wallace W. Elton advisory council Chairman Speakers Bureau Arthur Hawkins advisory council Roy W Tillotson corresponding representative Garret E Orr associate representative Bradbury Thompson It is my pleasure to record the work of the many committees of the Club and the contribu tions to this year's progress made by these committees and the Club membership. No man could serve in this capacity with out being keenly aware of the thought, time and energy which must be devoted to the planning and execution of the Club's ac tivities. Nor could he fail to realize that every committee chairman, committee member and individual member of the Club is dedicated to a single purpose—tlffi success of the par ticular project on which he is working. The rapid growth of the Art Directors Club of New York and the prestige it has at tained in the field of graphic art are due to the dedicated efforts of the men and women. It is therefore fitting that this 1958 Annual record the achievements of those who have served the Club so notably this year. The limitations imposed by space make it impossible to present in detail the work of every committee, but whether or not a committee's efforts are so recorded, the contribution made by that committee was vital to the continuing success of the Club. Third Communications Conference Paul Smith, Director, and William L. Long- year, Chairman with the theme of the Conference, "Cre ativity" and the focus of atten tion the exploration of the cre ative process itself, the organiza tion of the program was an exacting taskto the Director,

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 261