committee chairmen the Chairman and the commit tee belongs the credit for pro ducing a stimulating Confer ence of major importance. The 37th Annual National Exhibition Victor Trasoff, chairman a stunning and arresting display of the best in advertising and editorial art and design strategically placed for easy traffic flow and observa tion a major achievement in the hands of the Chairman and his committee. The Awards Luncheon, Arthur Hawkins, Chairman perfect timing and coordina tion planned and executed by the dynamic Chairman and his efficient committee. The Design Committee Herb Lubalin, Chairman a new committee 'conceived and organized by Mr. Lubalin for the first time unity was at tained for the promotional designs used in all activities the Chairman and his commit tee have made a contribution of immeasurable value to the pres tige of the organization. The Education and Schol arship Committee Thomas T Morton, Chairman plan ned and organized a seminar for the top students from art schools in the Eastenlisted a faculty of experts from the membership of the Club this unique project placed the Art Directors Club in a new sphere of activity. The Research Committee, Hoyt Howard, Chairman a series of stimulating and productive programs covering readership reports, motiva tional techniques, subliminal projection, copy-testing and a score of other subjects the strong demand for continuing this activity next year attests to the splendid work of the Chair man and his committee. The entertainment Com mittee William Bowman, Chairman the lively lunch eon featuring Dixieland Jazz a festive Halloween party a warm and friendly Thanksgiv ing session the gaily designed Christmas party in conjunction with the Members' Exhibition the "Grotznik Gambol" as a climax to the year's events. The 1958 Annual Adver tising Art Committee Paul Lawler, Editor to him and his assistants belong the respon sibility of editing and produc ing the fine Annual you now hold in your hands. The presentation of the Distinguished Service Award is not for one single effort alone, but for continuous through-the- years exceptional contributions of service to our Club by a mem ber or members. The Advisory and Executive Boards, acting in joint consideration, were proud to present this year's certificate to Mahlon Cline for his untiring work as Treasurer for 4 years, Terry McGovern for unselfish loyalty and legal advice for so many years, and Gordon Aymar for maintaining such consistent high personal and professional standards throughout his distin guished career. No record of contribution to the Art Directors Club would be complete without including among those devoted and loyal friends of the Club, Winifred Karn, the Executive Secretary, and San Hack, her assistant. 1958 saw the initial use by the Club of a public relations firm. Credit for this suggestion goes to Edward Wade. The firm selected was Morris Associates. The coverage obtained for the Club in the daily press and in the trade journals not only pro vided a better understanding of the purpose and activities of the Art Directors Club, but also in creased greatly the acceptance of our Club as an influential factor in the field of advertising. Through the united effort of the Committees and the membership, success has again been attained in all areas of activity. In addition, another great step has been taken in establishing the importance of art direction in industry, communications and the nation's economy. BertW Littman, executive vice president ad fund chairman Arthur Hawkins 37 th annual of advertising art chairman Paul Lawler 37th annual exhibition chairman VictorTrasoff art direction magazine chairman Ed Wade awards luncheon chairman advisory board, Arthur Hawkins children's exhibition chairman Kenneth P. Sneider constitution chairman John Jamison design chairman Herbert Lubalin education and scholarship chairman Thomas Throck Morton entertainment chairman William Bowman ethics chairman Mitch Havemeyer finance Mahlon Cline golf tournament chairman Norman Mullendore historian Nathaniel Pousette-Dart

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 262