designers: Herb Lubalin, George Lois photographers: Carl Fischer, Ben Rose finished art: SH&L (lettering: John Pistilli mechanicals: John Lipari/ retouching: Julius Galian) photostats: Adams Photoprint Company, Inc. veloxes: Finley Stat-Service, Inc. offset lithography: Allen, Lane 8c Scott advei tising section: Letterpress by American Book-Stratford Press, Inc. cloth: A. D. Smith 8c Com pany, Inc. binder: American Book-Stratford Press, Inc. slipcase: A. Dorfman Company, Inc. slipcase pattern: Martin J. Weber studio paper: Warren's Offset enamel, Mohawk Poster and Mohawk Construction, and Warren's Lustro Gloss from the Canfield Paper Company

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 268