artists available Turtleback Road .Wilton, Connecticut,Porters-7865; Plaza 9-4946 in New York Graphic Design Consultant; Product,Packaging, Promotion,Point of Sale, Annual Reports 245 East 60 th St., New York 22 c/o Expandia, 13 Avenue de l'Opéra, Paris,France Templeton 8-0906 Graphic and Industrial Design; Trademarks. Corporate Symbols,Exhibits, Reports,Packaging, Consultant Art Director European Assignments 222 East 46th St.,New York 17 Murray Hill 2-1579 Specializing in Art for the Advertiser;Packaging, Sales Incentive Campaigns, Sales Presentations, Catalogs, Direct Mail Promotions 500 East 80th Street N ew York.N ew York Regent 4-8635 New Yorker Spot Artist Black and White Pen and Ink and Oils 147 East 19th St.,New York 3 Gramercy 3-121 3 Graphic Design Consultant. Creative thinking, styling and production of corporate visual identification programs. Tr adem ark .Promotion Annual Reports PO. Box 6873, Dallas 19,Texas Riverside 1-9170 Glamour photographer for Advertising,Special Assignments,Stock Photos 6419 Lawndale Avenue Philadelphia 11,Pennsylvania Pilgrim 5-5038 Designer; Product,Graphic, Packaging, Identification Illustrator; Decorative, Still Life,Color,Black 8c White 151 East 40th St.,New York Plaza 3-4914 Package Designers R.ED.#2,Stony Hollow Road N orthport.N ew York Andrew 1-1515 The American Scene,past and present; also Travel Historical and Religious themes 736 Riverside Drive New York Foundation 8-581 1 Art Director and Designer 5950 DeGiverville Avenue St.Louis 12,Missouri Parkview 5-7726 Illustration,Sketches, Layouts,Portraits 10200 South Parnell Chicago 28,Illinois BE 8-5333;Symbolic collage, marine water color 8 East Hill Road Ogden Dunes,Indiana Twin Oaks 5-5874 Non-objective,semi-realistic watercolor; casein dunescapes, portraits 157 East Erie St.,Chicago 1 1 Michigan 2-1348 Designer,Illustrator. Ads,Posters,Packages,Booklets, Direct Mail,Annual Reports from concept to printed piece 406 West 31st Street New York Bryant 9-7375 Lithographers I loWest 54th St.,New York 19 Circle 7-0762; Capital 7-6014, Westport,Connecticut Illustration in Color and Black 8c White. Art Directors Club Medal. 1942,1946. Award for Distinctive Merit 1943-1951 Tybee Place TuckahoeN ew York Spencer 9-5558 Airbrush, Lettering, Watercolors, O ils Wellington Hotel, 7 th Avenue and 55th Street New York 19 Circle 7-3900, ext 646 Illustration for Advertising, Stories, Covers; in Color or Black 8c White 185 Madison Ave.,New York 16 Murray Hill 5-5958 Package design; Publication and Brochure Layout 80 West 40th Street New York 18,New York Longacre 4-7257 Creative art and design for Industry. Editorial, Murals, Packaging,Cinema,TV 21 o East 47th Street,N.Y. Plaza 5-4080 Editorial and Commercial Illustration 242 Lexington Ave.,N.Y. Murray Hill 3-0555 Illustrator 145 East 52nd St.,New York 22 Plaza 3-6753 Package Design 5644 Chowen A venue,South Minneapolis 10,Walnut 6-7925 Animals of all kinds in all media in authentic environment LEN BASTRUP ASSOCIATES FRED J. BRAUER, INC. JOSEPH CATALANO STUDIOS LILLIAN CHAMALIAN MILT DUBINS ENTERPRISE PHOTOS JON A. FETKO ROY HORTON STUDIOS JAMES LEWICKI JOHN J. METZGER CHARLES A. MORGENTHALER (MRS.) JEANNETTIE NICHOLS JEANNETTIE D. NICHOLS NORMAN PERMAN BURTON QUAKER CORPORATION PAUL RABUT ALICE ROSENBLATT WALLACE SAATY KEN SACO ASSOCIATES, INC. GEORGE SAMERJAN JOHN A. SERNIER ANDY WARHOL IRVING WERBIN ASSOCIATES WALTER J. WILWERDING

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 273