ONE OF AMERICA'S DISTINGUISHED COLLEGES OF OESIGN TRAINING ARTISTS AND DESIGNERS SINCE 1876 PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM SCHOOL OF ART BROAD AND PINE STREETS PHILADELPHIA 2, PENNSYLVANIA Charles T. Coiner, Chairman, Board of Governors Emanuel M. Benson, Dean /Raymond A. Ba (linger, Director, Department of Advertising Design Sol Mednick, Director, Department of Photography rffce' Value °fmoney lies in fact that 0»eWsin a world H. L. Mencken giFforD aniMation inC. livES in a wOrld of its oWn at 165 wESt 46 sT. N.y. ciTy pHone juDson 2 1591

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 282