The man who can't afford to make a mistake Hans Hubmann from Black Star In a very real sense, the man who advertises to you in magazines creates a tightrope for himself. That tightrope is made up of the three obliga tions he takes on when he buys the privilege of informing you about his products First, he informs you publicly. The information he gives you must be true—or the slips will stand out for all to see. Next, he competes for your dollar with a publicly printed message. You can see how his company's product stacks up to others. Finally, the man who advertises in magazines promises you in public print that his product will live up to the statements he makes about it. So, you get all threeclear information, easy comparisons, printed promises. All while resting in your easy chair. All at your own pace. All from advertisements in magazines like LIFE. ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF HOW ADVERTISING HELPS EVERYBODY

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 284