ES EE EDSEL These carriers with covered cars are headed in your direction Designer, Art Director Saul Grubstein Photographer Lester Book binder Advertising Agency Gore, Smith Greenland, Inc. Adver tiser Sidney Blumenthal Co., Inc., The Shelton Looms Designer, Art Director Chauncey F. Korten Photographer Hans Namuth Advertising Agency Kenyon Eckhardt, Inc. Advertiser Ford Motor Company Designer, Art Director John Groen Photographer Alex dePaola Advertising Agency Foote, Cone Belding Advertiser Edsel Divi sion, Ford Motor Co. The Edsel makes its public debut in September. Maybe you'll see some of these carriers loaded with covered cars on your roads in the next few days. If you do, you mijtht call to mind what one of their drivers said before he started out. The driver lifted the cover on one of the Edsels in his load and looked it over very carefully. And what he said, plainly and forcibly, was: "Man. would I like to have one of these." Early this week, a croup of hie automotive carriers cleared the yards of six giant U. S. plants and rolled out into the night. Balling the jack. Because their steel racks held something they had never held before. They were loaded with a new kind of car. With four series—eighteen models—or a new kind of car called the Edsel. And the delivery date is urgent. New member of the Ford fomily of fine cars See it at your Edsel Dealer on September 4

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 29