m im Ten thousand words HORAN ENGRAVING COMPANY, INC. .if.^m- is&finti- I Ml 11— Like the picture it reproduces, an engraving says much without a word. How much depends on the engraver-and therein lies the art A case in point is the faithful reproduction shown above. It captures the minute detail of a partially finished painting, as we first saw it in the studios of Jack Leonard. Leonard lays paint over paint to create myriad tones of color, depth and shading. A worthy challenge for any engraver! And surely the result tells you more about artistry in engraving than even ten thousand words. All you need to remember is two words: HORAN ENGRAVING. Operating Twenty-four Hours A Day, Four Shifts Every Work Day 44 West 28th Street, New York 1, N. Y.—MUrray Hill 9-8585 Branch Offices-. Newark, N. J., Allentown, Pa. To anticipate the inquiries of art fanciers: Yes, Mr. Leonard has since finished the painting, and here is a bird's-eye-view of it. 281

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 293