It Pays to Set Type Right There are only 26 letters, ten figures and a dozen- odd punctuation marks. That's all there is to any advertisement. So what's so important about setting it up? Well, a creative typographer can take the thoughts made up out of those letters, figures and marks and make them sing, shout, whisper, persuade, emphasize, explain, attract and sell. ATA members are listed on this page. They charge no more to do it better. Advertising Typographers Association of America, Inc. dvertising Typographers Association of America, Inc. 26 10 12 48 Executive Office: 461 Eighth Avenue, New York City 1 AKRON, O. The Akron Typesetting Co. ATLANTA, GA. Higgins-McArthur Company BALTIMORE, MD. The Maran Printing Co. BOSTON, MASS. The Berkeley Press Machine Composition Co. H. G. McMennamin BUFFALO, N. Y. Axel Edw. Sahlin Typographic Service CHICAGO, ILL. J. M. Bundscho, Inc. The Faithorn Corp. Hayes-Lochner, Inc. Runkle-Thompson-Kovats, Inc. Frederic Ryder Company CINCINNATI, O. The J. W. Ford Company CLEVELAND, O. Bohme Blinkmann, Inc. Schlick-Barner-Hayden, Inc. Skelly Typesetting Co., Inc. COLUMBUS, O. Yaeger Typesetting Co., Inc. DALLAS, TEX. Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall, Inc. DAYTON, O. Dayton Typographic Service DENVER, COLO. The A. B. Hirschfeld Press Hoflund-Schmidt Typographic Service DETROIT, MICH. Arnold-Powers, Inc. The Thomas P. Henry Co. George Willens Co. INDIANAPOLIS, IND. The Typographic Service Co., Inc. KALAMAZOO, MICH. Mahoney Typographers, Inc. LOS ANGELES, CAL. Adtype Service Company MILWAUKEE, WIS. Arrow Press MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. Duragraph, Inc. NEW YORK, N. Y. Ad Service Company Advertising Agencies' Service Co., Inc. Artintype, Inc. Associated Typographers, Inc. Atlas Typographic Service, Inc. Central Zone Press, Inc. The Composing Room, Inc. Composition Service, Inc. Diamant Typographic Service, Inc. A. T. Edwards Typography, Inc. Graphic Arts Typographers, Inc. Huxley House Imperial Ad Service King Typographic Service Corp. Linocraft Typographers, Inc. Master Typo Company Chris. F. Olsen Frederic Nelson Phillips, Inc. Philmac Typographers, Inc. Royal Typographers, Inc. Frederick W. Schmidt, Inc. Harry Silverstein, Inc. Supreme Ad Service, Inc. Tri-Arts Press, Inc. Typographic Craftsmen, Inc. The Typographic Service Co. Vanderbilt-Jackson Typography, Inc. Kurt H. Volk, Inc. NEWARK, N. J. Barton Press William Patrick Co., Inc. PHILADELPHIA, PA. Walter T. Armstrong, Inc. Alfred J. Jordan, Inc. Progressive Composition Co. Typographic Service, Inc. PITTSBURGH, PA. Davis Warde, Inc. PORTLAND, ORE. Paul O. Giesey Adcrafters ST. LOUIS, MO. Warwick Typographers, Inc. SEATTLE, WASH. Frank McCaffrey's TORONTO, CANADA Cooper Beatty Limited This advertisement will appear in Annual of Advertising Art 283

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