U.S.Camcia The big switch is to Super Anscochrome rHOTOGRAPHY Camera 35 Hugh Bell, cover maker for Popular Photography says, "Color photography takes on a new cre ative excitement since high speed Super Ansco chrome appeared on the market." John Wolbarst, consulting editor, Modern Pho tography, "We tested Super Anscochrome, were amazed at its speed, thrilled by what it offered. Dennis Hallinan,U. S. Camera cover maker, com ments, "Outdoors, Super Anscochrome permits high shutter speeds, small apertures for stop- action and foreground-to-horizon sharpness." Jerry Dantzic, cover photographer for Camera 35, remarks, "New Super Anscochrome tung sten is a must for all color photojournalism." The 35 In HOLLYWOOD Bob Schwalberg, technical ed itor, Popular Photography "First honest-to-goodness available light color film ever produced tungsten Super Anscochrome is the first real solution to offer either or both fidelity and speed. Color values are un believably good the whites are white the blacks are black." Norman Rothschild, color tech nician, Leica Photography "I find Super Ansco chrome an exciting prod uct. It has speed without the loss in quality that has been associated with high speed color. It will open many new doors in color photography." Ed Hannigan,Editor,U.S.Cam era remarkable ability of the film to make pictures under difficult lighting graininess and quality-wise, in color ren dition it is excellentwe like it you will also like it." Philip Leonian, Color Column ist, Camera 35"The most versatile and talented color film ever to see the light recording shadow de tail bareLy visible to the eye behaves like a champion Super Anscochrome, Daylight and Tungsten—I love you America's top editorial experts and photographers all pay tribute to Super Anscochrome.® Here, in their own words, is what they have to say! The songs of Tina Louise Record Album CoversSays Barry Kramer, "I use Super Anscochrome exclusively. Its better speed, color rendi tion and resolution give me quality that produces a "stopper" album cover every time." Ansco, Bingham- ton, N.Y., A Division of General Aniline and Film Corp. 285

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 297