SHOE FASHIONS 4 i ij 1!- Q3 m -J f J J T-* f EJ! ARE AT SPANISH GREEN OLIVES I. MILLER 1552 B'WAY O Designer, Art Director Frederick A. Peck Photographer Jame Northmore Advertising Agency Grant Advertising, Inc. Advertise Dodge Division, Chrysler Corp. MAGAZINE ADS, LESS THAN FULL PAGE,COLOR OR n BLACK AND WHITE Award of Distinctive Merit—Designer, Art Director Peter R. Palazz Advertiser I. Miller Sons, Inc. Designer, Art Director Alvin Pierce Photographer Reed Wallaci Artist Frank Pikrone Advertising Agency McCann-Erickson, Int Advertiser Commission for Green Olives H Designer, Art Director Arthur Harris Artist Harlow Rockwell Adver tising Agency Young Rubicam, Inc. Advertiser Permacel Send for our fashion folio oj sizes 1 to v SMAU SIZE NEW YORK MEW YORK 24 i -• Wf 1 the zing that makes your salads sing.. A Spanish Given Olives! add dash to any dish!

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 30