Collier Photo Engraving Inc. helps communications to communicate PUSH hTY^l 1 h T^EIEIt" TTI1 Z\ coluerphotoengravinginc. 240 west 4oth till V/Llwll LXX 111L XXXtvXX(X STREET, NEW YORK 18, NEW YORK/OXFORD 5-0400 WCBS RADIO It's easy because it's radio. One phone call from you and radio's in selling action for you tomorrow. It's easier still because it's WCBS Radio you're calling. No other radio station reaches so many different New York families (over 1.6 million*) every day. And selling comes easiest of all when you use famous, established personalities for the jobthe kind that listeners have told us they believe in most**.and the kind that WCBS Radio has noth ing but. Jack Sterling, for example, and Lanny Ross, Jim Lowe, Martha Wright. Performers like these give new conviction to a sales story. And this moves products. So just give Sales Manager Tom Swafford a ring (han diest phone number in town) and you're in business. Lots of business. CBS Television advertisers are better prepared for the big summer sates push than ever-in fact, this summer 14 percent more of our winter advertisers will be on the air than a year ago. These are compelling facts for an advertiser who is debating when or where to launch his new advertising campaign. Clearly the time to start is now; the place. CBS TELEVISION This suwaiia America's consumers will fill their shopping baskets fuller than any summer in their history. And they will fill them with the products they know best— the brands they see on television. Last summer they spent nearly 10 per cent more than they did the previous winter— 7 per cent more for food; 12 per cent more for household appliances; 15 per cent more in department stores and nearly 8 percent more on installment purchases. For the television advertiser, each summer becomes more inviting than the last. Each summer the average family spends more time watching television. Each day 8,000 new families join the vast television audience, and by July the number of television homes in the country will total 40,300,000 - nearly 3Vi million more than last July. And each summer CBS Television brings to its advertisers bigger audiences than the summer before and larger than any other network.

Art Directors Annual of Advertising Arts en | 1958 | | page 302